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Are Backlinks the Mathematical Method To Semantic Intent?

Link building 101

Over at SearchButlers they have developed our own unique style of link building services offering high quality, relevant links. As we’re an established link building company, we know exactly what works through our tried and tested methods.

If you want your page to rank, it needs good quality, relevant links. Building good links is vital for SEO and will significantly improve your page’s standing in Google.

When you ask them to create and run a link building campaign for you, we undertake research into what your competitors are doing and implement a campaign which will get you ranking higher and offer you the best possible ROI.

Link Building Fundamentals

  • Search engines count links as ‘recommendations’
  • Not all links are equal  – authoritative from trusted sites are SEO gold
  • Relevance is key – if your site is about dogs, there’s little SEO benefit to a link from a plumbing site. Directory Submissions is a great way to build relevant links.
  • One-way links look more natural than reciprocal (two-way) links
  • Relevant anchor text is much more beneficial than a ‘click here’ link

Link Building Techniques

Custard Media employ a range of link building techniques to create an effective, natural-looking link profile. From forum commenting to blog posts, there are a number of tricks of the trade that we use to keep your website ranking.

Social media links have come to the fore in recent years. Facebook likes and Twitter retweets contribute to search engine rankings, as do references on Digg, StumbeUpon and other social bookmarking sites

Link building is a continuing process which takes time. A good site will naturally gain links gradually over time, so a link building campaign needs to reflect this.

At SEO link building techniques aren’t just a quick fix; it’s a long term strategy which produces solid cumulative benefits over time in order to cement your position at the top of the search engine results.

Everything You Need To Know About Semantic Search

A semantic search is a process a wide variety of information is given to provide the desired search result. The term semantic search is derived from the semantic web which was built on ontologies, a framework for facts and information. Semantic web uses interplay of sets, properties and relations which occupy the vast amount of data on the web.

Semantics a programming language follows a process and complies with the command. Meta tags is a feature of semantics. Anything regarding a website part can be considered a semantic domain. Semantic search depends on the semantic markup of websites, which uses a vast amount of information which you can use.

How long has semantic search been around?

A theory paper by R.Guha et al., of IBM, Stanford suggests that the theory goes back to the year 2003. This process took a while to practice, which was called the hummingbird algorithm, which was fast and precise. Hummingbird is paying more attention when it comes to taking into account the query and the goal is to match the pages to retrieve better information than just matching a few words.

Semantic Search

The factors that the search engine uses to perform the search

Google uses more than 200 ranking factors and user behavior affects SEO. Semantic search takes search queries nad using many factors to ensure the best result. Machine learning has brought in advancements in search engine capabilities which function independently where they continuously refine and learn how to get more relevant searches.

Is semantic search better?

Yes, semantic search generates more accurate answers as search engines are not just trying to get results based on keywords but taking into consideration the semantic factors of the page. Every byte of data is rolled into the index and later the best answer is presented during the semantic search. A semantic search is not just a collection of website for your keywords but is to get the best websites for your specific situation.

Advantages of semantic search

Semantic search takes into consideration the user data and the intent; this is the most important thing that makes the semantic search so successful. The most relevant pages are collected and is aligned with the users intent and based on aggregate data, Googles machine learning algorithm trains itself to interpret what is really needed and produces relevant results.

  • Worry less about writing the exact keywords.
  • Make sure that the content produced has a clear focus
  • Create high-quality content
  • Understand the intent
  • Using structured data markup
  • Focus on long-tail keywords


The main focus of the semantic search is to give you the best possible experience while using search engines. The better your user experience, the better your website will do, especially when it comes to SEO.

A Smart Link System

For all these years, there are a lot of good advantages that many people take from the internet. The easier access today has made millions web pages visited almost every hour. Modern people in the modern cities use the internet as their daily need. There is a lot of information that you can take from the internet in an easy way. Favorite webs are clicked to get the latest news. Though you can access other actual information, there is searching engines that you can take to get all.

Semantic Web makes all the searching effort easier to take. It is a smart system. This system enables you to cover all the information that you are looking for. It links so many websites efficiently. You are able to have all the global data served by the web. It serves you the vast information that you can take from the internet. Since Semantic Web gives a lot of benefits, there are works to develop and improve the system. Those attempts are done because it is still in its early age. There are still so many things to do. The general data that is kept on the internet is usually created in HTML codes. Therefore, the task of creating the system is not an easy way.

The HTML codes make the access of having all the connected data difficult to do. But by using the Semantic Web, like ASB Steel Detailing,  the action of taking the bonded data is easy. In the usual search engines that you use every day, you will get different web pages that inform you about the keyword that you are looking for. But when all the web pages are changed by using the system in the Semantic Web, there will be webs that connected each other. The system connects all in a large scale. This serves you the smart link system.

Knowing about Semantic Web

In recent days, people are being captivated by Semantic Web.  So, what is Semantic Web actually?  As a starter, it is the next level of World Wide Web that we know today.  As we all know, in the past few years, we’ve been using World Wide Web for many things starting from searching the information we need, buying things we need, getting the work done and many more.  The availability of World Wide Web is being used by many people all around the world.  However, this doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have a weakness point at all.  The Semantic Web is being design in order to overcome that weakness point.

As you probably aware, when you’re searching on some particular and specific thing in the search engine, the result of your search will be varied according to the key word that you’re input.  You’ll be given a list of many documents such as article, review and many more that consist of the key word you’re looking for.  Therefore, it may take quite a long time to get the information that you truly need.  By using Semantic Web, you’ll never have to experience those things again in the future.  Semantic Web is able to read not just document but also any kind of data that is being up load.  As a result, when you’re using Semantic Web, you can eliminate the long time of searching the right information.

Semantic Web will be able to differentiate the data and interpreted your key word so that only thing that is related to the one that you need will be given.  As a result, using Semantic Web will make every process of searching information become a lot quicker.  Manual screening is no longer needed since Semantic Web is able to do it for you.

The Advantage of Semantic Web

Semantic Web allows machine to be able to link between information with information.  As a result, you’ll be able to have a higher level of World Wide Web.  Of course, it doesn’t mean that Semantic Web is the same as Artificial Intelligence.  Not like Artificial Intelligence, it doesn’t able to think and make decision or other functional that an AI can.  Semantic Web is only able to connect between information and make it useful to the user for any purpose they want.

So, what is the advantage of using Semantic Web actually?  First of all, it will be able to help you screening information that you need or things that related to what you search.  By input certain key word to the search engine these days, we need to choose the kind of information that we need from many information given in the list.  Lots of them actually doesn’t have any connection at all to what you’re searching, but since it contain the key word that you’re typing, the information will be listed and given to you.  By using Semantic Web, all of this hassle will be gone since the web can only give you what you need.  Semantic Web will make your search time to be a lot shorter than you’re usually have.

The next advantage of using Semantic Web is the probability of development of function from the web itself.  Since Semantic Web allow machine to be able to read all data and link it one another, then it is possible for you to be able to make Semantic Web to be your personal assistant to help you with your schedule, checking your need and make sure you don’t mix your schedule or appointment.  Semantic Web is able to develop into many functions in the future and it is certainly will make everything a lot easier and faster too.

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