Semantic Web

The Advantage of Semantic Web

Semantic Web allows machine to be able to link between information with information.  As a result, you’ll be able to have a higher level of World Wide Web.  Of course, it doesn’t mean that Semantic Web is the same as Artificial Intelligence.  Not like Artificial Intelligence, it doesn’t able to think and make decision or other functional that an AI can.  Semantic Web is only able to connect between information and make it useful to the user for any purpose they want.

So, what is the advantage of using Semantic Web actually?  First of all, it will be able to help you screening information that you need or things that related to what you search.  By input certain key word to the search engine these days, we need to choose the kind of information that we need from many information given in the list.  Lots of them actually doesn’t have any connection at all to what you’re searching, but since it contain the key word that you’re typing, the information will be listed and given to you.  By using Semantic Web, all of this hassle will be gone since the web can only give you what you need.  Semantic Web will make your search time to be a lot shorter than you’re usually have.

The next advantage of using Semantic Web is the probability of development of function from the web itself.  Since Semantic Web allow machine to be able to read all data and link it one another, then it is possible for you to be able to make Semantic Web to be your personal assistant to help you with your schedule, checking your need and make sure you don’t mix your schedule or appointment.  Semantic Web is able to develop into many functions in the future and it is certainly will make everything a lot easier and faster too.

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