Are Backlinks the Mathematical Method To Semantic Intent?

Link building 101

Over at SearchButlers they have developed our own unique style of link building services offering high quality, relevant links. As we’re an established link building company, we know exactly what works through our tried and tested methods.

If you want your page to rank, it needs good quality, relevant links. Building good links is vital for SEO and will significantly improve your page’s standing in Google.

When you ask them to create and run a link building campaign for you, we undertake research into what your competitors are doing and implement a campaign which will get you ranking higher and offer you the best possible ROI.

Link Building Fundamentals

  • Search engines count links as ‘recommendations’
  • Not all links are equal  – authoritative from trusted sites are SEO gold
  • Relevance is key – if your site is about dogs, there’s little SEO benefit to a link from a plumbing site. Directory Submissions is a great way to build relevant links.
  • One-way links look more natural than reciprocal (two-way) links
  • Relevant anchor text is much more beneficial than a ‘click here’ link

Link Building Techniques

Custard Media employ a range of link building techniques to create an effective, natural-looking link profile. From forum commenting to blog posts, there are a number of tricks of the trade that we use to keep your website ranking.

Social media links have come to the fore in recent years. Facebook likes and Twitter retweets contribute to search engine rankings, as do references on Digg, StumbeUpon and other social bookmarking sites

Link building is a continuing process which takes time. A good site will naturally gain links gradually over time, so a link building campaign needs to reflect this.

At SEO link building techniques aren’t just a quick fix; it’s a long term strategy which produces solid cumulative benefits over time in order to cement your position at the top of the search engine results.

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